Walk Through Your Life As Your Most Alive, Playful, And Powerful Self



I feel "carefree" for the first time

- Claire Kahn

Is This YOU?

  • “My life is a constant checklist - it feels like the only relief comes from ticking off boxes.”
  • “I don't fill my cup. I'm such a giver that I don't prioritize myself.”
  • “Life can be the same grind day after day. Where's the yummy?”
  • “I’m the "responsible" one, being playful doesn’t even occur to me”
  • “I’m sick of being disappointed with people - especially dating- I’m over it”

Welcome to the Club:

As a woman, you’ve likely become disconnected from your joy.

You’re just trying to survive the day and have something left over to be present for those you love, and yourself.

When people are difficult and things around you aren't the way you think they should be? You just stuff it to get through.

You carry the load for everyone but who's giving you what YOU need, and want? 

What if instead of Fighting your way through life, you could Flirt your way through the day?


In other words, WHAT IF YOU….

  • Felt so filled up on Sunday that your colleague’s B.S. on Monday rolls right off you?
  • Found yourself spontaneously dancing with your spouse in the kitchen?
  • Looked in the mirror and winked at yourself, happy with what you see...
  • Declared a moratorium on worrying, and find your life suddenly “worry free”?
  • Felt an overflow of energy and love to give back to your family
  • Could be playful and care-free in any situation – even when a pathetic dating text pops up, or the dreamed about opportunity doesn’t go your way…

All of this happens when you learn to FLIRT YOUR WAY THROUGH THE DAY.

Hold on before you run with that thought… Til now, we’ve thought of the word ‘flirt’ with a patriarchal definition.

flirt / fl3:t / verb
Being coy or manipulative to someone else in order to get a free drink. “Touch his shoulder, bat your lashes, and laugh at his/her (non-funny) jokes.”

But did you know you can flirt with…

Your children
Your morning barista
Your spouse or love interest
Your team members, your boss, your funders,
your executive peers (all without a call to HR)

We’re about to turn flirting on its head.

Your new definition of “Flirting” is “Enjoying Yourself in the Presence of Another”.

Everything changes when you know how to enjoy YOURSELF. To take enjoyment in who YOU are.

And do so without feeling nervous, full of self-judgement, too ‘in your head’,

or needing a drink to feel at ease.

How? Learn to fill yourself up and rediscover what makes you happy - all easily integrated into your day, not as extra ‘to do’ items.

You can make your life a lab for PLEASURE RESEARCH.

Because when you access your own pleasure, you bring a whole new energy to the room.

People react to it, in the most positive and surprising ways.

They give you so much more of what you want…without you even having to ask for it.


Can it really be that easy? YES!

I'm Dr Sharon Melnick


Let me introduce you to the

“The 'Flirt' program teaches you to give yourself permission to be who you are and really enjoy that from your head to your toes. It helps bring out your playfulness, your personality, and positive energy - and when you radiate that way, the people around you feed off of that and give it back to you”

- Michelle McGarity

By The End Of This Program You Will

Have Identified Your Desires

and live your life filling them. You'll ask “What do I WANT?” instead of just "what do I have to do?"  You'll have daily moments of contentment. 

Ask for what you want (in ALL areas of your life) – and GET IT.   

Rather than trying to control people and situations to get what you need, you’ll be able to flirt your way to get what you want.   

Feel Lighter

from having cleared negative emotions and put aside your worries.  You’ll no longer walk around feeling mad (or sad).  This space inside of you makes room for new flavor in your life – pleasure!

Smile more

Be more carefree and playful in your daily life.  You'll take in more beauty with your senses and be less exhausted. 

[Consider this a warning: Prior participants noticed they were…(wait for it...) ”Nicer”!]

Approve of yourself


(Yes, that’s right – approve of your body, your life, your personality – even your crazy schedule!)  Remind yourself what it’s like to feel sexy again. 


Have more fun!

Replace your overwhelm and obligation with an obsession to squeeze more juice out of your life. 

You’ll feel more authentic and be more present and connected with others. 








“It's perspective-shaking, this idea that you can put pleasure as an easy priority in your life. Like, why am I not doing this? Why am I not lighting the candle at night? Why am I not wearing a silk nightie? Why am I not getting a red umbrella drink? It made me feel ALIVE”

- Jennifer Davis

Who's Your Pleasure Guide?


I’m Sharon Melnick, PhD. As a business psychologist, I’ve coached and trained over 40,000 women around the world – Fortune 500 executives, rising leaders, start-up Founders, non-profit mission Moms, and retirees ready to refind their joy.

My work is informed by 10 years of psychology research at Harvard Medical School. I’ve spoken at over 300 conferences around the world, including for West Point women, at the White House, and the United Nations.

In other words, I legit know how to guide women to be ‘in their power’. I’ve written THE bestselling book on it, called In Your Power: React Less, Regain Control, Raise Others, as well as one titled Success under Stress.

So…I can help you be confident, influence difficult people to cooperate with you, and achieve the next level in your career.


My REAL street cred to offer this program is that for decades I was a pleasure miser. 

I was “here to make a difference”, joy was a luxury for other women. C’mon, what made me happy was to make other people happy! Right?



Thinking about having the experience of deliciousness in my own life - that was foreign. And forbidden by how I had been conditioned.

You would not choose to live  inside my head! Even if I made time for myself my mind would be filled with ‘to do’s. I’d judge myself. I’d say yes when I wanted to say no and then resent others, and wouldn’t ‘put myself out there’ if I felt insecure.

This of course led me to isolate when I felt down, and not take true care of myself or find delight in my life.

As a human, I still feel these ways sometimes. It’s just that now I'm certified as a Pleasure Coach - and have tons of tools that can get me out of a funk within seconds, or minutes. And not just out of it and back to neutral, but out of it to the point of being playful, feeling sexy, and having fun ‘no matter what.’

Now when we meet you will see the twinkle in my eye. I’m earning more with less effort, and having more fun than ever! It overflows so I can lift other people with my energy.

And I'm offering this program because I want you to have ALL this too…..

Do You Want To


Here’s how you’ll learn to Flirt Your Way Through The Day.

Week 1: Pleasure Research: A whole new way of living… 

You will launch your new approach to life, one of “Pleasure Research”. Your everyday experiences become a lab for how to increase joy, ease, and pleasure in your life.

Explore new ways to experience pleasure throughout your day without needing more hours in the day or adding more items to your to-do list. 

You'll uncover, claim, and list the desires you want for your life - the big ones you dare to dream, and the everyday pleasures like what song you want to dance to.  Ticking off your 'to do' list has never put a smile on your face like this will!

Week 2: From Controlled to Carefree: Get Out of your Head and Into your Body

You’ll explore all “88 keys of your emotional piano”, from your inner beauty to your inner bitch to your inner Beyonce. You’ll unburden yourself from the emotions that bog you down, so you’ll have space to fill yourself back up and live a ‘turned-on’ life.  Within the first 5 minutes you'll already feel lighter, and more connected to yourself.  You'll learn to 'Shake it Off" as Taylor Swift suggests! 


Week 3: From  Reactive to Radiant: Release the Crap in Your Head So you Feel Playful

We are going to ‘Container Store’ your head and clean out all those emotional reactions and inhibitions. You're going to kiss goodbye your judgements, worries, and nervousness. You won't allow them to get in the way of your playful new way of living. 

You'll be amazed how quickly you can get out of a funk and be someone who's ready for FUN!.  

Week 4: Game on! Learn to Flirt Your Way Through the Day

Now you're ready to bring a little flirtatiousness into your day.  You will learn how to 'enjoy yourself in the presence of another' and bring more flair and ‘joie de vivre’ into your everyday world.  Learn when, where, why, and how of flirting your way through the day. 

You’ll learn how to ask for what you want - and get it, from the boardroom to the bedroom



Week 5: Instant Magnetism

I’m not going to give away what you'll learn this week... I want you to be on the edge of your seat with anticipation and have it be a memorable surprise ;-)  But… I will share this:  if something icky happens on a zoom call and I have 60 seconds before the next meeting to get into a state where I feel the most lit up, sexy, powerful, and playful version of myself - I'll do THIS.......   You will be able to use it with a spouse, a date, a funder, or your girlfriends to spice up any situation that’s heading south, or towards snoresville. 

Week 6: Balancing the Masculine and the Feminine

You will learn to blend your “masculine” results-oriented energy with the dormant feminine power inside you.   

In this final week, you will have a chance to demonstrate all you have learned and your new way of walking through the world.  

You might find you dig that pair of glitter heels out of the closet and sashay through a night on the town...


Week 7:  One Month Follow Up: Celebrating the New You

We'll reconnect after 30 days so we can soak up all the ways you've been practicing Pleasure Research and fulfilling your desires.  I'll help you stay in your flow and making Flirting Your Way Through the Day your reality every day. 

Plus Receive These Bonuses

🎵 Playlists

You’ll receive Spotify playlists with songs that will help you move emotion through your body.  You’ll start out with these playlists and then customize them with the music that helps you move through anger and grief, and all 88 keys of your emotional piano. 

📖 FYWTTD Journal

You'll receive a Flirt program journal so you have your own special place to record your desires and practice the new approaches to your life. 

👑 Biggest Bonus Of All


We do this journey from resentment to radiance in Sisterhood.

In a safe, sacred, and brave space you’ll go beyond superficial connections. You’ll get inspiration for your own life and know what it’s like to have powerful women stand for YOUR desires. You will be reflected, and celebrated (so it becomes natural to celebrate yourself.)

You'll stay connected to each other all week long via a What's App chat, and make life long friends. 

After you’ve gone through this program experience, you will be the real-life inspiration for “I’ll have what SHE’s having!!”









This is a virtual program conducted over Zoom. 

We'll meet Mondays after work

(We'll poll to determine the best time for you). 




Do You Want To


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